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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:40 am

Hello everyone I am Knight the Site owner. Below will be a list of rules for this site.

Respect other members.

Obscene Material-

Any material found to be obscene will be removed. We here at GFX Life will not allow nudity or sexually explicit content by any user. Any material found to be explicit with nudity, swearing, or anything else that can be considered explicit will be removed. The user will not be warned and we reserve the right to punish for said material(s).


Please critique properly. When replying to someones CNC thread do not spam, flame, be harsh, or abuse them in any way. When you critique you are supposed to give them advice and offer guidance or sense of direction.

Comments Like "you sig is crap." will not be tolerated.

Illegal programs.

Use of pirated materials, illegal software, hacking, or mods to a system will strictly not be tolerated any member found to being using or trying to use the afore mentioned will be banned. We reserve the right to ban.Talk of torrents or pirated software is also not allowed or to be associated anywhere on these forums.

Do not post pornographic link, torrent links, illegal software links, or anyother links we may deem damaging or obscence.

Pictures are not to be posted in Shout box there is a place for everything please search around.

You are allowed 2 signatures. Max size for First signature is 500x200 max size for second signature is 400-200. These will be enforced any member found having over the max size will have theirs removed. Also we reserve the right to change this tolerance at any point in time.

No Ripping
Any member caught ripping resources, tutorials or any other form of created artwork will be banned. You must have the written consent of the artist to post elsewhere.

We reserve the right to punish and ban any member found to not be abiding by the afore mentioned rules. We also reserve the right to change or develop new rules over time.
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Forum Rules
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