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 Gfx Life Resource Pack #1

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Gfx Life Resource Pack #1 Empty
PostSubject: Gfx Life Resource Pack #1   Gfx Life Resource Pack #1 EmptyWed Mar 23, 2011 11:18 am

Well today marks Gfx Life's first resource pack. I have choosen Psd's made by the following artists to be included in this pack.The Psd's are learning rights only meaning no ripping.

Fenrir, Jaycee, and Knight

Renders was not cut by any member of Gfx Life but Knight was granted permission to use the said renders. I have obtained written permission to use the renders as i see fit.

Gfx Life Resource Pack #1 Resourcegfxlife ?v5bx7k6bna34g9g
^^ Click to download^^

Collaboration with Jay
Gfx Life Resource Pack #1 Killzonefinaltake3
Latest piece
Gfx Life Resource Pack #1 Killzonefinaltake2-1
Some Sites to check out
Gfx Life Resource Pack #1 15fgbxkGfx Life Resource Pack #1 Affi
Gfx Life Resource Pack #1 Aa40b3
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Gfx Life Resource Pack #1
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